MORONS License Plate:
Fact or Fiction?

The "photo" above is currently circulating through email... mostly among Spartan and Buckeye fans. But the "photo" is doctored... the license plate on the front is fake, as is the story that accompanies the photo. So let's separate fact from fiction...

Patrick Maguire Bob Nelson

Sparty loves these plates!

This bus needs THIS plate! (Bus seen in Pentwater, MI, in August 2009.)

The first time I even thought about ordering such plate was when Spartan Plates member Sandy Beall suggested it a full YEAR before the university plates were available from the Department of State. I only wish I had acted on the idea before Patrick did... ha ha. With (M)ORONS already taken, I went for the phonetic alternative.

Here's the story that goes along with the Mini Cooper picture (it's an equally good story, but equally fake)...

The following is from Patrick Maguire, owner of the real (M)ORONS plate...

By the way, another "urban legend" currently making the email circuits is an MSU Block-S plate that has "HTHDS" to form the message "Shit Heads." Sorry to burst your bubble, but this plate does not exist. Perhaps someone has clearly modified some artwork (as I did for the Mini Copper plate above), but the plate itself does not exist. That combination has been banned by the Michigan Department of State computer.

Patrick and I are going to be meeting soon to get a picture taken with both our license plates. We'll post the picture here.

... Bob Nelson

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