1981 - Girls Golf
1983 - Boys Swimming, Girls Golf
1984 - Girls Golf
2000 - Boys Basketball, Boys Lacrosse
2001 - Boys Lacrosse, Girls Lacrosse
2004 - Girls Basketball

FIGHT SONG (Sung to the tune of "Anchors Aweigh")
    "Go colors Black and Gold... fight strong and bold!
    We have a winning team that proves that we will never fold!
    All through the years we fight, on to victory (fight... fight... fight!).
    Until we win this game, the kids will yell 'hooray' for Waverly! (fight!)"

CLASSMATES by Maiden Name

Where are they? - We cannot locate these classmates. If you have their email address, mailing address, or phone number, please email us so we can invite them to future gatherings. Thank you.

We remember fondly our deceased classmates

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