Lansing, Michigan

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1981 - Girls Golf
1983 - Boys Swimming, Girls Golf
1984 - Girls Golf
2000 - Boys Basketball, Boys Lacrosse
2001 - Boys Lacrosse, Girls Lacrosse
2004 - Girls Basketball

FIGHT SONG (Sung to the tune of "Anchors Aweigh")

"Go colors Black and Gold... fight strong and bold! We have a winning team that proves that we will never fold! All through the years we fight, on to victory (fight... fight... fight!). Until we win this game, the kids will yell 'hooray' for Waverly! (fight!)"

CLASSMATES by Maiden Name
(Deceased classmates noted in green)

Joanne Abraham, Joe Abraham, Carol Adado, Sherman Allen, Howdie Alt, Linda Ancira, Jim Andrews, Abe Arambula, Shirley Arnold, Tony Ash, Dick Azelton, Linda Baier, Diane Baker, Marianne Baker, Eric Ballance, Sue Barker, Marvel Beard, Marsha Bedford, Lavonda Bellah, Dianna Benschoter, Dennis Berkompas, Russ Bishop, Sue Blackburn, Peggy Blake, Glenn Blystone, Terry Boedeker, Ed Boehm, Bob Boettcher, Roger Boog, Larry Borton, Linda Boyd, Randy Brandt, Kathy Broessel, Vicki Bryde, Linda Buehler, Richard Buell, Deuaine Bunker, Gene Burd, John Burkle, Dave Burwick, Steve Butts, Connie Caldwell, Al Calille, Mike Callihan, Pat Caruso, Steve Casey, Tim Castle, Sharon Chaddock, Janet Cherrette, Dave Chestnut, Tom Clickner, Jim Coleman, Rod Collins, Sue Cone, Cindy Cordes, Carol Cornwell, Dar Costello, Mark Cote, Elaine Cottrill, Jane Cousins, Linda Cowles, "Skip" Cross, Scot Cullen, Jim Culver, Darlene Daniels, Doug David, Mark Davis, Pat Davis, Karen Davis, Larry DeLaere, Chuck DeLine, Kathy Demmer, Karen Deromedi, Shelby DeWitt, Stephen Dick, Jerry Dobias, Mike Domres, Dave Dowler, Laura Drury, Lory Duits, Gary Eavey, Sharon Eavey, Mary Egner, Joann Ells, Kerry Estes, Ray Ettinger, Chuck Federeau, Lynda Fershee, Tim Flannery, Barb Flink, Larry Formenti, Roger Fowler, Jerry Foy, Bunnie Freed, Sarah Frutig, Gary Galey, Gary Gates, Keith Gee, Teena Gee, Richard Geer, Todd Gelina, Pete Genix, Larry Gladstone, Iris Goins, Sue Granger, Sharon Granger, Tom Gray, Kathy Green, Margie Green, Barbara "Lynn Brown" Gunnerfeldt, Annece Hadden, Bill Halbert, Sue Harp, Morrice "Chief" Henderson, Jack Hettich, Dick Hewitt, Randy Higdon, Kurt Hildorf, Ray Himebaugh, Gary Hitchcock, Tina Hodge, Diane Hodges, Pat Hodges, Tom Hoesl, Linda Hogan, Barry Hogle, Sue Holbrook, Don Hole, Marlene Hollopter, Vicki Holmberg, Terry Hopkins, Dee Horvath, Mike Houser, Terry Hyde, Ron Jacobs, Connie Janetzke, Bonnie Jennings, John Jessen, Pat Johnson, Janice Johnston, Linda Jupin, Bob Karkau, Bonnie Kelbert, Margaret Kelly, Steve Kenyon, Jim King, Bill Kinnan, Ted Kinnee, Karen Klefstad, Bill Klettke, George Kline, Debbie Knapp, Greg Krampe, Karen Krieger, Jeff Kriek, Tom Krupiarz, Ron LaForge, Chris Laurin, Cathy Lee, Gail Lee, Don LeGrand, Ron LeGrand, Ann Lillard, Doyal Little, Dennis Love, Marie Lunn, Jean Maki, Bill Malatinsky, Gary Mantyla, Denny Maples, Charlotte Martiny, Ron Martiny, Deborah Masters, Tom Matsuda, Randy McCloud, Val McFellin, Julie McKenna, Joyce McKenzie, Kip McKesson, Charlie McLravy, Doug McNamara, Rick Melick, Sharon Meredith, Sharon Messer, Cathy Miller, Terry Miller, Ken Montgomery, Dorothy Mosher, Toni Munson, Jim Murnane, Elaine Murphy, Susan Murphy, Laura Nash, Bob Nelson, Laura Newport, Mike Nolen, Tom Norman, Ray Norris, Jackie Odom, Pat Olofsson, Pat Padgham, Don Parsons, David Pasant, Fred Patterson, Debbie Peterman, Todd Petersen, Joe Phillips, Mary Pillow, Char Plunkett, Sue Polihonki, Patti Porter, Laura Potter, Rick Powtak, Terri Pung, Patricia "Pixie" Pursel, Kirk Ralston, Ralph Ramsdill, Joyce Ramsey, Lenny Retzloff, Rick Reynolds, Tom Reynolds, LeAnne Rhoades, Emily Rich, Ritchie Riebow, Tom Ritter, Roy Roath, Neil Roberts, Mark Robinson, Dave Rothermel, Jan Rusnell, Jeanie Rutledge, Chuck Sarrell, Debbie Schafer, Cliff Schlak, Diane Schneider, Lynn Schraft, Judy Scribner, Roberto Secchin (exchange student from Brasil), Jeff Sellers, Kay Settles, Fran Shawa, Marcia Sherman, Chuck Shumway, Marty Siemon, Jim Simmons, Steve Simon, Jeff Simpson, Ron Simpson, Vicki Skaar, Carol Skiffington, Mike Slabchuck, Gary Slater, Betty Small, Ron Small, Cathy Smith, Chris Smith, Cindy Smith, Dave Smith, Eric Smith, Jan Smith, Lynn Smith, Judy Snell, Pat Snyder, Carol Stanton, David Starkweather, Doug Starkweather, Jim Starr, Tom Steadman, Cindy Steinway, Barb Stewart, Larry Stockwell, Dennis Sunderlin, John Swanson, John Symonds, Candie Szpara, Bonnie Tarwater, Lindell Taylor, Dan Templin, Deb Theaker, Rosalyn Thole, Nancy Jo Thomas, Mark Tomlinson, Tami Trump, Jane Underhill, Jan VanAlstine, Ralph VanLoton, John Vial, Stephen Vossler, Michele Waldron, Larry Walker, Rob Warner, Art Webb, Linda Webb, Trish Weisman, Keith Wentworth, Jutta Westphal (exchange student from Germany), Brad Wightman, Gary Wilkes, Gail Wilson, Mary Winegardner, Donna Woodhams, Linda Worrall, Gene Wright, Ron Wright, Mike Yatchak

HEADLINES from 1969

Richard Nixon inaugurated president, announces beginning of troop withdrawal from Vietnam, bans use of chemical and biological weapons... Boris Karloff dies... Yasser Arafat becomes President of PLO... Last edition of Saturday Evening Post... Maiden flights of both Boeing 747 and Concorde... James Earl Ray pleads guilty to killing Martin Luther King, Jr... Paul McCartney marries Linda Eastman... Golda Meir becomes Israeli Prime Minister... Chicago 8 indicted... Former President Dwight Eisenhower dies... Midnight Cowboy wins Oscar for Best Picture... Sirhan Sirhan convicted of assassinating Robert Kennedy... French President Charles de Gaulle resigns from office... Queen Elizabeth II's maiden voyage... Construction begins on Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL... Tobacco advertising banned on Canadian radio and TV... Judy Garland commits suicide... Prince Charles of Great Britain becomes Prince of Wales... Senator Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopecne plunge off Chappaquiddick bridge (she drowns, along with any hopes he had of ever becoming president)... Neil Armstrong becomes first man to walk on Moon... Charles Manson's "Family" murders pregnant actress Sharon Tate, grocers Leno and Rosemary La Bianca, and four others... Woodstock Music Festival reigns for four days, attracting more than 500,000 people... Boxing legend Rocky Marciano dies... North Vietnamese President Ho Chi Minh dies... Supreme Court orders end to all school desegregation... Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT) begin between US and USSR... Sesame Street debuts on public television... Joseph Kennedy, Sr. (father of JFK) dies... Rolling Stones fan killed by members of Hell's Angels motorcycle club... Tiny Tim marries Miss Vicky on NBC's "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson" is supported with private funds. It is not affiliated with Waverly High School or Waverly Community Schools in Lansing, MI.

2014 Updates from Classmates, by Maiden Name
For security purposes, we removed personal email addresses and phone numbers. If you wish to contact a classmate, please send us an email and we will pass it along.

  • Diane Baker
    I continue to excel at being a slow learner. Math as a college major made sense--- companies hire math majors. Sigh... loved NYC, but hated insurance. Back to school, this time in genetics, and found my passion. Flourished in the field of genetic counseling, providing care in a pediatric setting at Univ. of MI--- although I’ll always be a reluctant Wolverine. Then, dragged kicking and screaming into academic administration. Hey, stuff really does get done in the smoky back-room of academia--- news to me. Fell in love in my 40’s and, even though he lived in DC, I wouldn’t budge from A2... until I did. Living under the same roof is pretty sweet. No kids together, but in this mix the step-daughter became a step-mom, trying daily to make minimal assumptions and emit maximum love.
    Some things I’ve picked up...
    • the love of a parent for a child is the most powerful force on earth
    • education is a gift and poetry is a balm
    • you can never have enough closet space
    I think I’m finally ready for high school. Thanks to all who have posted and to Bob for creating this connection.

  • Marsha Bedford
    To my fellow Waverly 1969 Graduates, Here’s my "This Is Your Life"
    After high school, I went to Ferris State College and received an Associate’s degree in business and a PHD in partying. Then I had some money stolen from me so I went to work for Oldsmobile as a secretary. I planned to go back to school once I recouped my loss but got very used to that paycheck. Consequently I decided to finish my degree at night through University of Phoenix. I worked in the Oldsmobile Home Office for 9 years and that’s about the time the world woke up and decided women could be managers too. My first assignment was in Chicago, then District Manager in South Bend IN and then the south side of Chicago (1983-1988). Then Oldsmobile transferred me back to Lansing to work on a Business Planning Process for Dealers. Once that project was complete, I was transferred to the Kansas City Zone and held a number of positions: Office Mgr.-Car Distributor, Marketing Mgr. and Training Mgr. (1990-1994). Then they transferred me back to Lansing to work on a Business Process Reengineering Project. Once that was complete, they transferred me to Nashville TN and I was there for 3 years. Then Oldsmobile transferred me to Detroit and promoted me to Advertising Mgr. for the Silhouette and Bravada brands. Then I got to do two jobs…Alero Marketing Communications Mgr. and Field Advertising Mgr. At this time I started my Masters but GM decided to transfer me again. Because I had both sales/marketing experience and dealer field experience (a rare commodity at GM), I was transferred to Phoenix as a GM Local Advertising and Marketing Mgr. for the Phoenix, Las Vegas, Albuquerque and Tucson markets. I picked up where I left off on my Masters and finished it at the University of Phoenix. When the GM bankruptcy happened, the Local Adv. & Mktg. Mgr. was position was eliminated across the country so GM offered me the Chevrolet Internet Mgr. position in Los Angeles. After much soul searching, I decided I didn’t want to move again (9 times in 21 years). I then left GM and within two weeks, the Valley Chevrolet Dealers offered me a job as their Executive Director which I did for 5 years. In September, that job ended. I continue to work for the Las Vegas Chevrolet Dealers. With a little more time on my hands than I’ve ever had, I decided to have a long overdue complete shoulder replacement in March. Oh so glad I did…recovery was a long 3 months because as you all know my arms are like my legs and unfortunately the shoulders aren’t designed for weight bearing. I live in Cave Creek AZ with my little dog Sheba. We take a walk almost every day and she is a tremendous company for me. My mother passed away two years ago but my father Cliff is 95 and still lives in our family home on Lansing Rd. All my vacations are to Lansing to see the family…Dad, my oldest brother Dave in Lake Leelanau MI, my younger brother Chris in Dimondale and my sister Barb in Dewitt. I have 2 nephews, 4 nieces, one great nephew and 5 great nieces. Thank goodness my siblings procreated so I get to be Auntie “M” to all of their kids and grandkids. Still single after all these years and very much at peace.

  • Jerry Dobias
    Virginia and I live in Lansing and have 5 daughters and around 13 grandchildren with three great grands. Virginia comes from North Little Rock, Arkansas and I did spend three years in California so I haven't been living in Michigan all this time. After spending several years in Management in the fast food industry I was offered an opportunity to work at MSU for the National Superconducting Cyclotron: in their Electronic Drafting Department (Having spent so many years managing I was drafted into managing the electronic drafting department.) I presently work as IT manager and customer and engineering support for a company in Okemos that makes recording instruments for impact and vibration studies in the shipping industry with customers in a wide range of application from aerospace to race cars to crash reconstruction and roller-coasters. In my spare time I've written two Science Fiction novels that I've self published through Xlibris publishing. They are available through Amazon and Smashwords under the name J.L. Dobias. These are the first two of a trilogy in what I call the Cripple-Mode series. Virginia has acted as my first line of editing for these. We are presently working on the third novel.

  • Lory Duits
    Hi all! When I think back to high school, it makes me smile. Totally recall the sound of the potty passes hitting the floor and how scandalous it was to smell smoke in the bathroom! Times have changed! But we were cutting edge! We decided since we didn't get a senior trip we would wear JEANS on senior day! Got sent home for that one! And the tornado on graduation night! Memories! Anyway now to my pampered life... became a dental hygienist in 1972 and have been til present day. Married for a short 5years to Phil Ralya(class of 1970) then divorced. Met and married my present husband Cliff. We have a son Justin who is a geologist in Seattle. That is so far away but great place to visit. He raced motocross as a youth so that is an all consuming family adventure that we still like to stay in touch with all the folks we met back in the day. Cliff and I have a beautiful chunk of paradise out in Sunfield right here in mid Michigan. We also have a sailboat in Muskegon. Nothing like the Great Lakes. We have a black lab named Jake who thinks he is a person. My parents moved to Phoenix 15 years ago and that is also a great place to visit! Lost my dad couple years ago but my mom is going strong! My dad was my baseball buddy! I think it is his fault that I still love baseball to this day! The Tigers were always his favorite in his heart although he started cheering for the Diamondbacks after he started living out there! I am looking forward to the reunion at the Lugnut game this summer!

  • Kerry Estes
    Dear All, What fun to find out what some of our "69" classmates have been up to during the last 45 years. I got out our yearbook and memories came flooding back. Here is my 2 minute synopsis. After WHS & "K" College, I continued studying at MSU and then at the Univ. of Florida, where I met my husband. We started married life in Muenster, Germany with post-doc research positions and I got to know Hartmut’s family. We returned to Gainesville within a year for Hartmut to start his very successful academic career and I had a good opportunity with a start-up pharmaceutical company. The start-up was eventually sold and then I commuted to a faculty position in Ft. Lauderdale for a couple of years. Later, I founded a small consulting company for pharmaceutical product development and am still active after 15 years. Life has been very good to us with opportunities to travel and interact with people throughout the world. Gainesville is a good place for us to call home. We were very lucky that my parents could enjoy retired life here with their grandsons for many years. The best part of our life is our two sons and we are very proud of both of them. Our first born just finished his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering & has a bright future. Our 6'2" "little one" is an accountant who loves his job and makes Gainesville an even better place for us to live. They are both still single, but we hope weddings and children are part of their future. Hartmut & I do look forward to the possibility of grandchildren. Best wishes.

  • Tim Flannery
    After high school I attended Lansing Community College and earned an Associate in Business Degree/Law Enforcement. I worked various jobs and married in 1973. Jobs were a bit hard to find at the time so I enlisted in the Air Force. I was assigned to Cheyenne WY, Incirlik Turkey, and San Angelo TX. We moved to Amarillo upon my discharge. Again I worked various jobs but earned my bachelor’s degree from West Texas State University. My wife had an opportunity for a promotion by moving to Denver and a year later she had another opportunity in Salt Lake City. Her position there didn’t work out and I had the chance for a promotion in Las Vegas. Once in Las Vegas I continued my education at University of Nevada Las Vegas and earned a Master’s in Education. I had the satisfaction of teaching 6th grade computers. I thoroughly enjoyed working with children but retired last year. I have started hunting over the past few years and have taken plains game in Zimbabwe and a buffalo in Colorado.

  • Sarah Frutig
    aka: Sarah Benoit - my union name, Benoit being my father's middle name and he having been my first acting coach. I live in the greater Los Angeles area (and have since 1975) with my husband Edward and our four cats and one dog. I'm still in the entertainment industry, having made my living as a performing artist off and mostly on since I left Waverly High... I've also just recently started a sideline companion animal business called 'Kindred Spirits', and I'll be doing my second house / pet-sitting job at the end of this month through the middle of July for an English Bulldog named Charlie. It gives me flexibility to go to the myriad of auditions my agent sends me out on, the latest of which resulted in my booking an episode of "The Newsroom", to air some time in the fall (no date is set yet) - I have one line: "Yes?" ... (That's right - "There's no business like show business..." - especially since there were at least 12 other women reading for this role - can you believe it?! - it's a 'pivotal character' though, as the breakdown stated.) I'm also readying a solo piece, which I wrote about the house I grew up in back in Lansing, entitled "They Who Love An Old House", which I'll be producing and performing at the Missing Piece Theatre in Burbank, CA on October 25th and 26th. If you're in the area, hope you'll come see it! My husband took an early retirement from the Department of Water Power, but he may go back to a bit of part-time electrical work some time in the not too distant future - I've named his new business 'Electrifying Edward'. (In autumn of 2007 and spring of 2008, as some of you know, I had the wonderful opportunity to return to Michigan for work, when I performed in the world premiere of "The Poetry of Pizza" at the Purple Rose Theatre in Chelsea and in another world premiere - "Maidens, Mothers Crones: Voices From Women of the Midwest" - at the Williamston Theatre in Williamston. I'm still so touched that Dave Smith organized a group of you to come see the Purple Rose production and to get together with me after the show!) Best to you all!

  • Marjorie Green & Dar Costello
    Hi all! Two 69ers still together… Dar and I moved to Petoskey, MI last summer and are loving it. Dar is retired from AT&T and NCR and I’m still working, mostly from home, for the Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis. We have three kids, all still in MI, no grand kids, and a cat. We spent most of our years in Okemos and will probably never move out of MI, but we’re definitely going to be out of here for part of next winter… too much cold and snow! We have a condo booked for Jan-Mar in Venice, FL. Yippee!!! If you’re in Petoskey, please give us a call.

  • Barbara Gunnerfeldt
    Hi! This is Lynn Brown (Barbara Gunnerfeldt back in high school). After graduating, I attended MSU as a Music Major. In 1973 and in 1974, we moved to Lauderdale Lakes, Florida because my husband got a job at the police department. Unfortunately, our marriage did not last so we divorced in 1976. I married Ken Robinson, a professor at Florida Atlantic University and earned my master’s in counseling and my doctorate in sociology of the family from FAU. However, only two months after graduating Ken died. A bit of time passed and I married, again. When I was seven months pregnant with my daughter, we moved to Michigan to be close to my parents. Elyse was born at Sparrow Hospital. Shortly after her birth, I started working for a weight loss chain and became director of counseling but about two years later I decided to go out on my own, into private practice. We moved back to Florida in 1989 but returned to Michigan again in 1995. I divorced in 2002 and have transformed my counseling practice to be primarily telephone counseling. I also have developed self-hypnosis MP3s and written several publications. As a result, I am able to work from home. This is good because I have a debilitating health issue that will result in complete dependency. While my health is declining and I am becoming more physically disabled, I am enjoying my life and feel blessed to have a wonderful daughter and loving friends. Life is good!

  • Bonnie Kelbert
    Greetings! I am teaching for DoDDs working in Okinawa Japan(3 years) teaching music and P.E. to American students. I have also worked in England (8 years), Italy(2 years) and Germany(1 year). I have one son who just turned 23.

  • Margaret Kelly
    Hi Everyone: Hope all is well with the class of 1969. Wow….. 45 years, how time flies. I work at Michigan State University in Science & Math Education. Our department deals with students who are going to be either elementary or high school teachers. Before coming to MSU I worked at Lansing Catholic Central High School. My husband just retired and I plan to retire December 2015. We have two daughters who live in Arizona, neither are married and no grandchildren, but we do have a granddog, Charlie, a miniature dachshund. All the best to everyone and enjoy your summer!

  • Bob Nelson
    I have really enjoyed the emails this "45 Years" exercise has generated. I am so glad Deb (Theaker) Moore suggested we do this. If you haven't yet chimed in, please do! My wife Joanie and I have a married daughter (4th grade teacher in Williamston MI), a married son (chemical engineer in San Francisco, CA), a 6-year-old grandson and a 3-year-old granddaughter... both in Williamston. Our son got married just last fall, so maybe more grandkids in our future... hope so! I retired from the Mich Dept of Education; Joanie still works as an assistant to an orthodontist. Life is good. My two favorite teams are Michigan State, and whoever's playing Michigan. All the best, my friends.

  • Kay Settles
    Hello Everyone! I have lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada since 2001. I work in a preschool for Newcomers to Canada. We help the children learn English and get them ready for Kindergarten. I also am a Licensed Interpersonal Wellness Life Coach ( My husband is the Director of the Manitoba Grain Commission Laboratory. He also volunteers with a local High School and is building a satellite radio station for the students so they can speak to the astronauts on the Space station as well as other "Hams" around the world. We have one son who turns 20 in August who lives in Whistler, BC. All the best to all of you!

  • Deb Theaker
    I am reminded by friend and Waverly 1969 time passage keeper, Bob Nelson, to write a few lines of what I have been up to, as we all mark 45 years since high school graduation! OK, I can briefly address the fundamentals of family: 2 husbands and successfully single for many years now; 2 lovely, grown daughters who are making their own marks on the world in careers and families of their own, including my 3 fabulous grandkids, all of whom I am blessed to keep close and loving relationships as a grandma. A work career in state government as a senior analyst, now retired for the past 3. Lots of world travel – my lifelong dream. Community and volunteer work, a continued passion, interest and learning about U.S. and world history, politics, cultures, arts, religions and humanity. I thoroughly love and enjoy being with, talking to and finding out about people – I will strike up a conversation standing in line at the grocery store! I surround myself with people kinder, smarter and more loving than I am, in anticipation of some of that rubbing off! I work hard at breaking my bad habits as well as the negative mold and psychology of how I was raised in order to pass on some better examples to my own family. But what is most significant to me at this stage in life is all that I have learned over the past 45 years since high school. How my views, beliefs, opinions have changed, remained the same or come back full circle; how I have learned to grow through adversity, strive to be a more positive, better person; to look for joy and happiness within myself; be more accepting, forgiving and understanding of others lifestyles, religions, opinions, etc. Opening my mind to comprehend lessons the universe teaches us. That life is no longer "black or white" - my new favorite color, "gray" fills my world now in looking at other perspectives and paradigms. That my biggest responsibility now is to become a better person, live my life to my own qualities and expectations, not those of others; that I am not responsible for or sit in judgment of how others choose to live their life. And surprise... I have no real control over anything! So, like all of us, my life has been filled with highs and lows, good times, bad times, successes and failures, joy and heartache. Yet, every single life event over the past 45 years has all been a learning experience for me to grow as a human being who was placed on this planet for the purpose of being the best one I can be. Of course, it’s an ongoing work in progress for me, but I see that time is getting shorter. Thus, I am determined to be more at peace in living over the next 45 years (well, 25 good ones, if lucky!) and leave this world a more complete person than when I arrived 63 yrs ago, and certainly more so than 45 years ago at age 18! This is my wish for all of us. Best regards.

  • Stephen Vossler
    Hello from Stephen Vossler. I have been living in Lansing my entire life and have spent the last 30 years teaching electricity and heating and air conditioning at Lansing Community College. My wife Sherrie (another Waverly grad from 1981) and I have one son who just started working in Human Resources at Coca Cola after completing his master's degree at MSU in December of 2013. We have a beautiful home and have 3 dogs and 3 cats. We have a trailer near Warren Dunes State Park to vacation at. Life is good. I am hoping to retire in the next year or so.

  • Trish Weisman
    Greetings to all classmates. I've lived just outside Washington, DC, since 1985. I am a freelance copyeditor, and my husband teaches genetics, runs a research lab, and grows colonies of mutant yeast in an incubator in our basement. We have two amazing daughters and two spectacular granddaughters. Sadly, we lost our beloved son two years ago.