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Who attended our 40th Reunion? - Joanne Abraham, Joe Abraham (Joanne and Joey celebrated their 58th birthday today!), Carol Adado, Marsha Bedford (from Arizona!), Russ Bishop, Gene Burd, Steve Butts, Al Calille, Pat Caruso, Jim Coleman (from Georgia!), Cindy Cordes (from Florida!), Dar Costello, Mary Egner, Joann Ells, Gary Gates, Margie Green, Bonnie Jennings, Margaret Kelly, Bill Malatinsky, Randy McCloud, Ken Montgomery, Bob Nelson, Laura Newport, Jackie Odom, David Pasant, Fred Patterson, Mary Pillow, Laura Potter, Ralph Ramsdill, Kay Settles (from Manitoba, Canada!), Chuck Shumway (from Maine!), Cathy Smith, Dave Smith (from California!), John Swanson, Candie Szpara (from Florida!), Deb Theaker, and Mark Tomlinson... and many spouses.

If we missed someone who should be on this list, please let us know.

Class Reunions
  • 1974 (5 years) at Jack Tar Hotel (now called the George Romney Building), downtown Lansing
  • 1979 (10 years) at El Dorado Golf Course, Mason
  • 1984 (15 years) at Emil's West Restaurant, Lansing (restaurant and building now gone)
  • 1989 (20 years) at Kellogg Center, East Lansing
  • 1994 (25 years) at Royal Scot Banquet Center, Lansing
  • 1999 (30 years) - No event planned
  • 2000 (31 years) at Best Western Midway Motor Lodge, Lansing
  • 2006 (37 years) - Planned but later cancelled due to insufficient interest
  • 2009 (40 years) at Nut House Bar & Grill, downtown Lansing
  • 2014 (45 years) - No event planned

  • 2019 (50 years) - Will we have one? Please email us if you would like to be involved in the planning. Thank you.

Thanks to Marsha Bedford, Kay Settles, Dave Smith and Deb Theaker for sending us these photos!

Catching up after 40 years. Name tags really helped! Chuck Shumway, Bill Malatinsky, Mark Tomlinson Laura Newport and husband Mike Gary Gates and wife Bonnie Jennings Gene Burd, Dave Smith, Mark Tomlinson Gene Burd's wife Chari, Marsha Bedford John Swanson, Pat Caruso, Steve Butts, Marsha Bedford Mary Egner, Mark Tomlinson, Cathy Smith Margaret Kelly, Dave Smith, Deb Theaker Candie Szpara, Mary Egner, Jackie Odom Al Calille and wife Stephanie Joanne Abraham and friend Gil Candie Szpara, Cindy Cordes Joann Ells Mary Egner, Laura Potter Ralph Ramsdill and wife Nancy Mary Pillow, Candie Szpara Steve Butts and wife Kathy Russ Bishop and wife Charlene Kay Settles Jim Coleman and wife Barb Jackie Odom Margaret Kelly, Dave Smith Margie Green and husband Dar Costello Gene Burd, Russ Bishop, Deb Theaker Fred Patterson and wife Melanie Cathy Smith John Swanson, Marsha Bedford, Margie Green Jackie Odom, Deb Theaker Joey Abraham and wife Susan Randy McCloud, Dar Costello Dave Pasant, Laura Newport Gene Burd, Bob Nelson Ken Montgomery Fred Patterson, Pat Caruso Carol Adado, Marsha Bedford John Swanson, Russ Bishop, Dar Costello, Al Calille Gene Burd Margie Green and husband Dar Costello Cathy Smith, Candie Szpara, Chuck Shumway Joe Abraham, Steve Butts, Joanne Abraham, Gary Gates, Candie Szpara, John Swanson Gene Burd and wife Chari Ken Montgomery, John Swanson Kay Settles Dave Smith Joann Ells Bob Nelson and wife Joanie Deb Theaker Steve Butts and wife Kathy John Swanson and wife Terri Kay Settles, Bob Nelson Marsha Bedford Gene Burd and wife Chari

After a few hours at the Nut House, we walked across the street
to watch the Lansing Lugnuts win 5-1... then fireworks!

Lansing Lugnuts won 5-1 Lansing Lugnuts won 5-1 34 of us attended the game. 34 of us attended the game. Big Lug celebrates Joey and Joanne Abraham's 58th birthday! Big Lug celebrates Joey and Joanne Abraham's 58th birthday! Joey reluctantly gives up a birthday hug to Joanne. Candie Szpara, Bob Nelson, Gene Burd the bartender John Swanson prepares to catch the next foul ball. The 7th Inning Stretch ...for it's one, two, three strikes you're out... at the old ball game! Margaret Kelly and Bob Nelson discuss baseball strategy... or something like that. After baseball, fireworks!